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Fighting the Space Between Inline Block Elements

nav a {
  display: inline-block;
  margin-right: -4px;


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Offline Web by HTML5

1 Add HTML5 doctype
<!DOCTYPE html>
2. AddType text/cache-manifest .manifest to web.xml
3 Create the manifest file, offline.manifest
#This is a comment



/api offline.html

4 Link your manifest file to the html document
<html manifest=”/offline.manifest”>

5 –  test it


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Why form submit twice?

You need check img file in your source code.

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Get flv from youTube

1. Watch full Youtube video in Firefox bowser.

2. When you see reply button on youtube video, don’t close the Firefox browser.

3. Go at following folder D:(or C:)\Documents and Settings\ADMIN (your Admin login)\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles (one by one),

Update: For new Firefox version, if you are not able to find “Application Data” after  Local Settings, just  add  “\Application Data” on the address bar at  Local setting folder. Here is the example – check

C:\Documents and Settings\HTC\Local Settings\Application Data

(edit C: and HTC with your harddrive and  admin login name respectively. )

4. Click single folder there you will get folder “Cache”. click on it. You will find a lots of unknown type files in this folder.

5. Most probably the last file will be youtube video.

6. Remember, youtube video in FLV format in this folder is there with unknown name ant type.

7. You can arrange all files in this folder by size. largest file should be youtube video

8. Copy that file, paste it on desktop

9. Rename it with FLV extension, something like video1.flv.

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IE7 – scroll bars disappeared for the DIV with a Table

I have a table tag within a div. The div has style attribute “overflow” set to “auto”. In IE6 and FF this works OK and I get scroll bars. In IE7 there are no scroll bars.


set table width 99% in the div


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View Ajax Souce Code


  1. Create a bookmark in the browser
  2. Copy the following code in the url
    javascript:'<xmp>’ + window.document.body.outerHTML+ ‘</xmp>’
  3. Every time you want to see the page source code including Ajax, click it.


Select the content and “View selection source”

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How to call a javascript function in the iframe?


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